Beris family, Naples, 1854 (according to a label to the back), as ' Rembrandt, Portrait of Henri,

Duke of Gloucester and son of Charles 1st, disguised as Shepherd.


Architect and painter Salomon de Bray spent nearly his whole life in Haarlem, where Mannerist artists Cornelis van Haarlem and Hendrick Goltzius were probably his first teachers. He painted mostly religious and mythological scenes, along with portraits, landscapes, and genre pictures. An active and accomplished draftsman, De Bray made architectural drawings and highly finished preliminary studies for paintings.

De Bray's artistic development is not well documented. In 1635 he seemed to favor half-length figures, which at that time had become rather old-fashioned. By about 1640, his work showed the influence of Rembrandt van Rijn's chiaroscuro.


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16 June 1987, Sale, Angers, of where acquirement by the father of the former owner.


1 July 2004, Paris, Christie's private sale sold by the son of the former owner.



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